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JSG1390 nonmetal laser cutting and engraving machine

Model: JSG1390

Working Area:1300x900(mm)

Laser Power: 100W

Laser Type: sealed CO2 laser tube

Working Platform: honeycomb or blade

Working Speed: ≤1000mm/s

Resolution Rate: ±0.05mm

Supported Graphic Formats:BMP,PLT,DST,AI,DXF,etc

Cooling Mode: water cooling and protection system

Control System:DSP System

Driving System:Stepper

Compatible software:CoreDraw AutoCAD Photoshop

Working Voltage: AC220±10%,50~60Hz

Working Temperature: 0~45℃

Working Humidity: 5%~95% (without condensed water)

Driving System: Stepper(optional Servo)

Gross Weight:300KG

JSG1390 series machines adopt DSP digital controlling technology,self-design laser power supply,incorporate designed frame and structure to guarantee stable work.The newest software is matched to AutoCAD,coreIDRAW CAD and all other graphics processing softwares for outputing original graphics.This series machines firstly use USB port data interface which supports hot-plugging and momentary data transmission to realize high efficiency without accounting computer resource.The LCD controlling panel brings friendly computer-human interface and easy operation.

The most advanced DSP controlling technology developed firstly in this field offers functions of successive,rapid and curved cutting,optimization of shortest processing path to create high efficiency.Compensation of luminance decrease is made automatically in the course of engraving to keep identical cutting in different areas.Production efficiency is greatly improved through using rapid controlling software for cutting and buffering function in high speed movement.

Professional accessories suitable for various processing such as aluminum alloy honecomb bottom board of different bore diameters made of aluminum alloy,metal columns of different intervals and negative pressure adsorption device for soft materials can be provided according to customers' demands and materials,which realizes design and processing on-the-spot.

The newest software is matched to AutoCAD,coreIDRAW CAD and all other graphics processing softwares for outputting original graphics.Advanced color management supports any color and defines engraving sequence freely to realize one time or whole output.

It uses USB port data interface with large mass storage device to provide high working speed and efficiency.

Applicable Materials:Rubber,plastic,cloth ,leather , woollens ,crystal,organic glass ,tile,jade ,bamboo,wood ,etc.

Applicable Indusries

Rubber,plastic,cloth toys,leather ,computer embroidery cutting , mould , crafts , bamboo and wood , advertising and building decoration ,packaging and printing ,paper products.

Typical Application

Acrylic crystal words,acrylic fish tank,ceramic crafts,rubber board printing,applique,special-shaped trademark,engraving and hollowing out patterns or designs on garment and leather.

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