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Labeled as Supersale & Great Entrepreneur, JSG offers pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions to the industry with the application of our goal.

Empty talk harms the nation, practical action helps it thrive.

Supersale’s channels:

Integrated products,

Integrated marketing,

Integrated management!

Goals of Great Entrepreneur:

Growth (mutual learning and growing between entrepreneurs of two generations),

Development (synchronous promotion and development of Pharmaceutical packaging & Medical industries with relative materials both in China and abroad)

Win-win (to dominate the arena and share the benefits in pursuit of personal financial freedom + cultural heritage + realization of value with the Saint Globe)










are Selling Products(Farma Glass mainly);

Providing Service(Quality Guarantee);

Offering Solution(Project Schedules);

Promoting Our Values(Interrelated & Systematic);

£●While We Cherish much the Opportunity & Choice, Even Loyalty & Sincerity, and Need Your Great Communication & Collaboration Permanently & Successfully,Enjoying the Surprise & Happiness, Cherishing Every Friendship & Business Deeply & Worldwidely, with Passion & Confidence!

Collaborate Share with Mutual Benefit!

One City One Country One World!

Significant Cost Advantages

Glass production is a labour and skill intensive industry. Though the manufacturing of glass itself is highly automated, critical functions such as quality control need large teams of skilled professionals. Not surprisingly, the total cost of production in China, where manpower is among the cheapest in the world, is less than half of that in France and almost half of that in the US. With manufacturing facilities in China, JSG is able to produce glass at significantly lower costs than its competitors in other parts of the world and deliver a sustainable cost advantage to customers.


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