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Human Power Or People

People are the most important strategic resource of our company thanks to whom we can offer products with world-class quality in the globalized market as competitive as the current one.

JSG is committed to building on the diversity of all our employees and supports their ability to maximize their potential and contribute their knowledge and strengths toward achieving the common goal of becoming China’s leading glass manufacturer and exporter.

Employee Benefits

JSG understands that our employees have different responsibilities in both their professional and personal lives. We are committed to offering competitive salary packages and benefits as well as flexibility in aid of achieving work life balance. JSG is dedicated to personal development and trainings. We believe in appointment and promotion based on experience, skills and great performance. We have a preference to promote from within our organization and we are committed to ensuring all employees enjoy equal employment opportunity.

We have staff with more than 20 years of experience in the sector which allows us to guarantee a quality product providing our customers with the confidence of the quality of their product.

Our human capital is trained in the tools of continuous improvement and convinced that the continuous improvement is the means through which the full satisfaction of the customers can be achieved and to provide the safety to our clients of the quality of the product they receive.


We know when and who to ask to achieve our goals. We listen to and understand the others. We fully express ourselves with clarity and transparency, using examples if necessary.


We cooperate with our colleagues. We help achieve a friendly working environment. We are an active part of a group of people who work as a team and work towards shared goals.


We sincerely value the ideas and experience of others, as well as the contributions of those who have different viewpoints. We salute, please ask and always thank.

Encourage employees' professional growth

Saint Globe's human resources policy is designed to offer all employees a working environment in which they can thrive both personally and professionally, as this is a fundamental factor in well-being and performance in the workplace.


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