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It is a general trend that the rubber stopper is used in medicine

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Our country uses the natural rubber antibiotic bottle stopper's manufacture, mainly concentrates in the North China, the northeast and the eastern coast area, with our country north china. Northeast, Shandong, Shanghai, several pharmaceutical bases around the most. According to the State Food and Drug Administration announced in the 2000 Digital Packaging Association, China permits the production of antibiotic rubber stopper manufacturers for 127, with an annual output of the vast majority of dozens of tons of small plants, only the first Shijiazhuang rubber Limited by Share Ltd, Bayan Rubber Company Limited, Ningbo Xingya rubber group company, Shanghai Xinya Medical Rubber Co. the company with an annual output of 1000-3000 tons.


It is a general trend that the rubber stopper is used in medicine .


Butyl rubber plug was developed to replace natural rubber stopper. Japan, America, Europe and other developed countries have realized the butyl of medical bottle stopper in twentieth Century and six in 70s. The main reason for this change is that butyl rubber can meet the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging more than natural rubber on many properties:


(1) The tightness of Ding Ji rubber is 20 times higher than that of natural rubber. Because air, especially oxygen, is harmful to packaged drugs, it can cause chemicals to degrade and even produce harmful substances;


(2) Ding Ji rubber has a good vapor tightness and a better water vapor permeability than natural rubber. Moisture is the enemy of packaged drugs, because the presence of water molecules can make drugs mildew, which will not only cause the drug to fail, but also produce toxic substances;

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