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Introduction of on line inspection system for controlled bottles

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Control bottle on-line detection system applicable to online detection control in production lines of bottle bottle, can help users to use modern means of science, products of high precision detection, analysis, and production of statistics, summary, for managers to implement targeted management.


The control bottle on-line inspection system is an automatic system, which is used to measure the size, data and other parameters of the control bottle, such as bottle height, bottle mouth and so on, for controlling bottle (diameter not exceeding 35 mm). The system installed in the control bottle production line CCD camera alignment to detect target shooting, through image acquisition card, the image signal is taken into the computer, through the computer to receive the image recognition and processing, various testing dimensions control bottle, while the image signal and the useful the data is stored in the hard disk (optional disk). At the same time, complete the alarm and reject the defective work, and the system can record and print the processed data.


The working principle of the control bottle on-line detection system is to capture the image of the control bottle in the area by using two CCD cameras. The image taken from the first camera is used in place of the decision. Images taken from second cameras are used for dimensional measurements. Size measurement is to find each edge of the control bottle in the image, and use the edge image processing algorithm to calculate the size of the control bottle. The numerical system and database of qualified numerical comparison, if the values within the range of qualified, it is judged as qualified products; if the values outside the range is judged as qualified, unqualified, the automatic alarm system and deleted.


Main functions: Dimension Measurement: bottle height, bottle diameter, outer diameter of bottle mouth, inner diameter of bottle mouth, thickness of bottle mouth and outer diameter of bottle neck.


Detection of substandard control bottles, the system issued an alarm signal or the introduction of substandard products pipeline.


Record all the parameters of the control bottle after inspection, various parameters of a single control bottle, and statistics and summarize the production situation.


The control bottle on-line inspection system is applied in the production line:


1. Ensure product quality, reduce man-made errors, traditional methods, manual sampling, and some dimensions are not detected (such as: bottle diameter). The online inspection system detects each bottle and detects the dimensions of the bottle.  

2. The traditional way to reduce labor costs and improve labor productivity, 1-2 machines equipped with a test worker. On line inspection system, 5-6 machines, equipped with a test worker.


3. Managers can use the computer print 'work record report' to see all the workers working all day long, produced in the process of production problems are summed up and production in the future in the implementation of targeted management. Greatly reduce the number of substandard products, improve product quality and efficiency.


Control bottle detection system with function control bottle defect detection function. Through the CCD camera control bottle image to be detected by the shooting, after the system identification and image processing of the received, if in a specified area (bottle neck below) as shown in Figure 2: black in the region (not including the four stents, stent should be removed). In this area, the images taken are grey (such as big crack, big scratch, black stain, etc.), and the system is judged to be defective.

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