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CNC router for cutting wooden,glass,stone,metal

Model: JSG1325 JSG1530 JSG2040

Working size: 1300x2500 1500x3000 2000x4000(mm)

Z Working travel: 120mm-400mm

Working precision: ± 0.04mm

Localtion precision :± 0.05mm

Table structure: Vacuum adsorption T

X.Y.Z structure: X.Y rack.Z Screw

Power consumption: 2.8KW

Max travel speed : 50000mm/min

Maxwork speed: 25000mm/min

Spindle power: 4.5KW-7.5KW

Spindle speed : 24000r/min

Work Mode: Stepper Servo

Working Vokage: AC380V 50/60HZ

Working order:G Code

Adopt the imported linear sqaure guide rail, four bearing pieces in double lines,the machine can bear high weight and run stably with high precision and long life. Advanced DSP control systerm with USB interface,handle controlling , human design, make it easy to operate. The software compatibility is good,it is compatible with Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Artcut and CAD/CAM design software.Vacuum absorb table and no oil vacuum pump, large adsorption power, small maintenance, stable pertformance ensures convenient opertarion. Big power servo engine drive system to go with the ltaly air cooled big power cutting main axis make the speed of engraving faster.


Applicable Industries: Woodworking industry, 3D wave board,processlng,Cupboard doors,crafts wooden doors,unpainting door,screen ,crafts windows,milling and engraving on the furniture.


Applicable materials: MDF,wooden plate,venee,wood,PVC.metal sheet



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