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Mission, Vision & Values

--------One City One Country One World!

--------Standize, Studise, Young, International

--------Choice Together Share Enjoy & Surprise

--------JSG Group is Linking the Glass Factories, and Connecting Agents & Distributors, Worldwide Local Warehouse, Global Office and Global competitive Factories with Neutral Glass Tubing, Tubular Vial, Ampoule, Filling Machines and APIs under great strategic friendship.


Our priority is quality. We produce and supply the excellent quality Pharmaceutical products, API and finished Glass Package in the national and international markets, for exportation using world-class manufacturing techniques from China. Our products are of high quality at a fair price.

We are an organization of excellent human quality, committed to the social, economic, cultural and environmental development, we produce and commercialize containers in Type I glass, for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Cosmetic industry, with the awareness that our products are manufactured under the principle of excellence and quality at the service of life.


Our vision is to be the market leader in the Pharmaceutical Glass Package industry. Therefore we are aware that our high demand in quality must be extended to our products, processes and services, as the best producers of type I Glass Containers for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Cosmetic industry, under the principle of continuous improvement.


Our values underpin our quality mission: safety, ethics and respect for the environment.

Passion and innovation in what we do.

-The quality of our products and services.

-Daily motivation to think deeply to achieve our goals step by step.

-Integrity, honesty and transparency in all our actions and relationships.


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