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Logo VI

Logo design: JSG

Logo: letters or a combination of figure-6 and letters-SG, highlighting letter G of pinyin Guo the family name of the founder.

Tone: King yellow color + Earth green color, Emperor Yellow, e.g. dragon robe, consists of yellow, orange, and green. Yellow is also the colour of new ideas and innovation – the lifeblood of our company.

Shun, with the same pronunciation as “smoothness” in Chinese, means a city of a state at times of peace and prosperity. Saint Globe—holy earth, globe, realm (import and export), world.

This sign is the Company’s CV, a combination of letters “SG” + Bottle + figure-6, in line with international development trend. The logo, the acronym “SG”, symbolizes JSG’s core of Glass Packaging materials in the pharmaceutical industry. The logo also symbolizes the business philosophy of the new generation of entrepreneurs, i.e. SG’s venture to break new ground, upholding innovation, getting into new markets and cities, pursuing the sunlight, being initiative, sincere and virtuous, positive and progressive. Rectangular inside and round outside and interconnected, the logo symbolizes JSG’s desire to be a leading Chinese Neutral Glass Vial manufacturer at the international market, and to integrate and link, in a win-win way, the unique new channel in the pharmaceutical industry under the favorable background trend of “the Belt and Road”, deepening reform and opening up, and the reform at supply side in China. The logo also expresses JSG’s target vision—to be an international enterprise— and enterprise dream based in China, going global, and to create a “JSG Empire”.

Shun: the name of our Ji’nan city of an ancient state, a place where people make efforts to realize their dreams and where people’s struggle is witnessed. Shun also means the figure-6“to let nature take its course”. With the efforts of days and nights, people get renowned both in China and abroad, embracing the world's resources, conferred with titles & official positions, and great wealth, and enjoying leisurely lives of one hundred percent.

Shun, an ancient wise King, renowned for his ability and virtue, engaged in agricultural production in the Lishan Mountain. Founded in Jinan, being credible, sincere and honest, advocating ability and virtue, the Company JSG is engaged in international trade and communication, getting into the world markets, seeking a win-win collaboration. Situated in a city, the Company JSG cares for and reaches the whole country, and brings mutual-benefit to the world—the implied meaning of Saint Globe.

With respect to products, JSG’s main products include Pharmaceutical Glass products: Neutral Glass Tubes/Ampoules/Vials. To meet the needs for completeness of Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging material factories or terminal pharmaceutical factories in the industry, JSG is also engaged in biotechnology, one of the precision medical technologies. Through the glass and plastic industry, the Company also cooperates with the APIs raw material factories, Pharmaceutical Filling machinery and Plastic machinery and equipment manufacturers strategicly, with assistance from Aluminum Plastic Caps with Rubber Stopper and Sprayer manufacturers, to constantly expand the scope of products and business, market share and sales volume of Saint Globe Group.

Maintaining our professional integrity in our dealings with clients, colleagues, suppliers and in the communities where we do business is the only way to protect our reputation in the marketplace. It is the shared responsibility of each and every JSG employee.


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